TM Solutech

A distinguished IT company founded in 2020, TM Solutech believes in supplying high-quality products and services which are customized according to the client’s needs and platforms.

Our motto prioritizes customer needs making each of our projects unique. Our working systems are also tailored to deliver according to our motto and reflect that as we do our best to reduce the timescales and the costs as well. The product development is suited to keep these two things in mind without any compromise on quality – time efficiency and cost-effectiveness – both of which help our clients reach their full potential.

Our vision encompasses an ideology of “growing together” and all our products, services, and our internal systems are built on that foundation.

Our Teams
Saumil Shah

Saumil Shah is the CEO of TM systems. Fresh out of MBA school, Saumil wanted to design high performing software as a means to change the kind of software offered.The idea was to create low cost effective solutions. Beginning with a team of only 2 members in 1985, the company, under him, has grown to over 250 team members,who are serving atleast 150 banks in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh as well as Rajasthan. He is motivated by harnessing other’s strengths,expertise and also provides the strategic directon for growth. He shapes and influences the future development of the company and ensures that it delivers on it’s strategic objectives. The state of the art product Autobank – built exclusively for co-operative banks is his Brain child.

Binit Shah

Binit Shah is a director of TM Solutech Private limited has more than 30 years of experience in the field of the licence software. He is focused on providing actionable insights to his business teams to direct them towards reaching their goals and tasks. He is also instrumental in promoting a large number of licenced software products from both International as well as Indian brands.

Saurin Shah

Mr. Saurin Shah specializes in field of Hardware & Networking Planning & Implementation. Having experience of 24+ years in the field of Information Technology. Having vast experience in implementing projects of Data Center for clients and Networking Solutions to SME & Corporates. Meticulous planning & Execution is core expertise of Mr. Saurin. Building long term business relation with accurate guidance is basic principal of TM Solutech

Divyesh Doshi

Divyesh Doshi specializes in web application security, network assessments, and network security training, programming security tools, open-source security solutions, and more.

His experience is diverse and includes working at a range of companies like Standard Computers, Jin Shree Computers as a Project Manager, and finally being a product development manager.

His work profile includes implementing many mail servers, firewalls, and security solutions for a diverse set of industries, like developing and executing campus management solutions at leading educational institutes. A distinctive past work experience includes being Founder Security Professional at Security Exposure for which he developed many security consulting assignments in the field of network penetration testing, network auditing, and security architecture reviews.

Having taken on various roles, Mr. Doshi understands each aspect of the services we offer and what it takes to get there.

Maunish Shah

Maunish Shah serves as the director of the software deparment in TM Systems. He joined the company in 1991. He has vast experience in software devolpment lifecycle. Under his leadership, the company has widened wings as a software supplier in various verticles such as educational institutions, club management, banking , Credit Societies and other industries. Maunish is known for his ability to lead high performance teams, deliver quality solutions and nurture strong client relationships.